Tuesday, March 24, 2015


"Hello... hi Mrs. Dixen. Is Will there?"
"No he is not. Is this- Ian?"
"Alright. Well, Will is at soccer this morning"
"Oh... is Sam there?"
"Yes he is."
"Can I talk to Sam?"
"Yes you can. I'll go get him."
"Thank you Mrs. Dixen."
"Hi, Sam, this is Ian"
"Oh hey. Will's not here-"
"I know. Sam listen, I need you to give Will a message for me"
"Uuuh- okay, sure"
"Tell him I am ready for this afternoon. I am ready for war..."
"Uh- oh you guys are going out the kingdom in the woods? I wanna come!"
"Listen Sam, listen. Tell Will I am ready for him."
"Yes sir! Maybe I can get Candy and Jason to go-"
"Tell Will, the time has come."
"Tell him that the air of peace grows thin, and the billowing winds of the north bring on them the steady drums of war... the dull luster of the years of industry and false security are dimming in the ever gathering dusk of conflict."
"But Ian, peace was declared just yesterday when we were playing. That's like, not even 24 hours-"
"It was eons Sam."
"Eons? Whats an eons?"
"A very long time. Now will you listen to the message or not? Pete friggin' sakes Sam, how are you going to remember this if you keep interrupting?"
"Tell him the hour is neigh. Tell him that even the trees of his kingdom groan in warning of the tides of darkness, which move steadily into his lands! Tell him there is not one thought I have, not one word I speak, no dream I dream, that is not of total and glorious battle. My nostrils are continually filled with the beautiful scent of steel blade on stone grind. My eyes have poured over every map, every battle tapestry-"
"I'm never gunna remember all of this."
"The trump of battle rings out in crystal clarity. There will be no escape, there will be no comprise. War is upon him and he must now take up his royal sword! Tell him I am coming. Tell him that I long always for battle! Tell him the greatest desire of my heart is to one day look into his eyes on the totally awesome field of battle, and know that the engagement of my entire existence has finally arrived! That I may now enter into extreme combat with my eternal foe..."
"Tell Will also to bring my hat, I'm pretty sure I left it in his room the other day."
"Yeah yeah."
"See you later."
"This afternoon?"
But all Sam heard was silence. Ian had hung up.

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